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Velux Skylights and Windows

velux skylights and windows

Quality is a major priority at the VELUX Group and they devote extensive resources to testing, quality control and market testing to ensure that their products meet all quality requirements.

In their test department, products are continuously exposed to a variety of tests as an integral part of their efforts to develop and improve their products.

They expose their products to extremes of climates and expect them to function perfectly in constant daily use, year-in, year-out.

They encourage their customers to expect the very best and back our production with fair guarantees.

The VELUX factories have been certified according to ISO 9001, and a roof window is designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant international standards.

In specific areas, such as watertightness, they have introduced their own standards that are stricter than international standards.

In the countries where their Group was first established, it is still possible to find working windows that were installed more than 40 years ago - the best possible proof of durability.