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morso stoves
Morso has been at the cutting-edge of modern woodstove design for over 155 years. Its reputation for high-performance, Scandinavian designed cast-iron stoves is world class, as is its “thinking-green” core that continues to innovate environmentally-responsible combustion technology and handcrafted high-quality cast iron products, using 98% recycled material.

Morso produces some of the most energy efficient, clean burning stoves in the world. Our stoves meet; even exceed the strictest environmental standards, including EPA, Washington State and Norwegian Standard NS 3058/3059. To date 27 models have been awarded the official Nordic Swan eco-label, introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers. This Nordic Swan symbol recognizes a company’s commitment for a cleaner environment.

When you describe your relationship with your Morso in the future, it won’t be the design, the cast iron or the stove’s environment friendly impact which will fuel your fondness. By then, your stove will have already become one of the most-loved items of furniture in your home. A good friend with which you will share a special sense of inner peace and harmony. A trusty source of comfort, you will love it for its sound, look and warmth. And for the glow of happiness it has spread throughout the house year after year.

To choose a Morso is, in other words, to make a choice for life.