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801 White Spar Rd, Prescott, AZ 86303

Builders Wholesale Products


From the beginning design, through install, and for the life of the hearth, Builders Wholesale has items to help contractors and homeowners alike in tackling their hearth projects.

Builders Wholesale offers hearth pads making your project even easier.


When adding a heating stove to your home, always make sure your hearth meets the current codes for your city, county, or state.


To avoid additional projects and time, consider a premade hearth pad.


Diamond Hearths takes great pride in manufacturing only the high quality hearth pads being 100% built in the USA!


All our manufacturers design their hearth pads to be the only one you ever need, certified to meet UL standards or Wood, Pellet, and Gas heating appliances.


Our manufactures have the highest R-value in the industry and can be semi-customized – choosing title or stone, edge options, optional inlays, and install options for a flat wall or corner.

Our showroom has display options for sale to keep you on your install timeline.

Is your fireplace, stove, or insert winter ready? In need of a new gasket, glass cleaner, or lost your gas key or fire pot scraper? Ready to replace or upgrade your fireplace, stove, or logset with a remote? Your fireplace doors or refractory needed an instant update with high temp paint? Builders Wholesale offers a variety of accessories to complete, repair, or maintain the heart of your home.


Our manufactures offer accessories that have been designed to be used with ease to keep your fire-burning equipment operating at peak efficiency! Repair and maintain your fireplace, chimney, wood stove, or gas stove with our creosote and soot removers, mortars and cements, sealants and adhesives, gaskets, gasket kits, brushes and rods.


Additionally our manufacturers offer products to keep the appearance of all your fire devices – from fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, gas log stoves, pellet stoves, grills looking their best with glass, brick, and stone cleaners, high-temp paints, and polishes.

Check out Builders Wholesale to give the heart of your home a refresh and complete your project. We carry:

  • Gasket in various sizes by the foot
  • Sealants and cements
  • Remotes and receivers
  • Glass cleaners
  • Brushes and rods
  • Creosote removers
  • High temp paint
  • Fire pot scrapers
  • Universal gas keys
  • Hearth pads


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