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Pellet heating appliance

Annual Maintenance & Service

Generally, our manufactures suggest a pellet burning appliance- stove or insert- be inspected and cleaned after every ton of pellets burned. A ton of pellets is the equivalent of a pallet of pellets, or fifty (50) – 40lb bags. 

Having a Pellet Annual Maintenance completed during the summer months can improve your pellet appliances’ performance and aid in getting the most life out of the working parts on your pellet appliance. 

Our Process

Upon arrival to your home, our skilled technicians will visually inspect your unit from the pellet appliance to the cap. If your pellet appliance is installed to code, and appears safe to use, our technicians will proceed with an annual maintenance or your request for service. If your appliance is not to code, or unsafe for use, we will provide a detailed inspection report. If the repairs are in the scope of Builders Wholesale licenses, he will also provide a bid to repair to bring the unit to code, or replacement of the unit.

During a Pellet Annual Maintenance, our technicians will place drop cloths around the unit, use brushes and vacuums to thoroughly clean the inside of your chimney, and access the roof to clean out the venting or chimney from the appliance to the cap. They will also clean the inside of the unit, check gaskets, and inspect other working parts of the appliance for parts life and repairs. If any parts are needed, our technicians will give you a quote for replacement. If you are new to pellet appliances, or have questions, our technicians can show you how to operate your appliance; explain the daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning that is needed to keep your appliance burning optimally; and give you troubleshooting tips if issues should arise.

If you are new to your pellet appliance and have questions on use; or, you are having an issue with your pellet appliances’ operation, our technicians are there for any concerns you may have. 

Builders Wholesale offers discounted maintenance during the spring and summer.

To schedule service, an Annual Maintenance, or to be added to the Annual Maintenance discount reminder email list, call our office at 928-778-6655, email schedule@builderswholesaleaz.com, or stop by our showroom to discuss your needs with our sales and office staff.

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